Be sure you are in the "model" module (press 1)

Start with a polymesh cube:

Get -> Primitive -> Polygon Mesh- -> Cube


Set these values : U:3 V:3 Base:1




Get -> Property -> Geometry Approximation Changing the "Geometry Approximation" to the polymesh tab and setting OGL to 2 or [NUMPAD +] x2.

Switch from Wireframe to Shaded or Textured.

Turn on the "PolyMesh Hulls" in the view options. View

Turn on the "Subdivisions" Pressing [ALT] and [NUMPAD +].


Select the polygon in the middle with the raycast [U] key.

Move this polygon using the Transform [V] on the z axis in front so it looks like the following:


Using the Select -> Select Adjacent -> Edges ([ALT] and [RMB] on the polygon), the 4 edges will be selected,

XSI-subd7 XSI-subd8

Mark Hard Edge/Vertex Edit

Now lets make the "hard" in terms of subdivision:

Modify -> Component -> Mark Hard Edge/Vertex



This can be done on the vertices also:

Undo [CTRL] and [Z] the previous steps back to the cube

Select Point Mode [T] and select (hold [SHIFT]) the 4 corner points




Set Edge/Vertex Crease ValueEdit

now go to the back of the deformed cube and select the 3 edges as sown in the figure:

XSI-subd14 XSI-subd15

Instead of Marking the component as Hard or not you can set a value for this.

Modify -> Component -> Set Edge/Vertex Crease Value

XSI-subd16 XSI-subd17

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