First click Start/Run/and type cmd

a command line prompt window will open and display with this

C:\Documents and Settings\whaterelseitwillsay\blaghblaghblagh>

then change thedirectory path by typing cd

C:\Documents and Settings\whaterelseitwillsay\blaghblaghblagh>cd

followed by the desired path in this case it was

C:\Documents and Settings\whaterelseitwillsay\blaghblaghblagh>cd C:\sinsofasolarempire\ConvertXSI

this is the format to use for converting your xsi file

C:\sinsofasolarempire\ConvertXSI>convertxsi.exe <"nameofyourxsifile".xsi> <"nameyouwantthemeshtohave.mesh> <--nooptimize>

example below...

C:\sinsofasolarempire\ConvertXSI>convertxsi.exe ball.xsi ball.mesh --nooptimize

this will convert the file

in my example the xsi file was moved to this folder for ease of use and i highly recomend it.

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