Achilles Class Strategic Heavy Cruiser

Adjudicator Class Multi-Response Cruiser

Advance Class Through-Deck Cruiser

Akira Class Battlecruiser

Alaska Class Battlecruiser

Alexander Class Fast Tactical Cruiser

Almeida-Class Heavy Cruiser/Freighter

Ambassador Class Heavy Cruiser

Amchitka Class Light Cruiser

Andernach Class Battlecruiser

Apache Class Cruiser (Single-Vessel Class)

Arcadia Class Exploratory Cruiser

Archon Class Cruiser

Artemis Class Fast Cruiser

Athabaska Class Exploratory Cruiser

Australia Class Battlecruiser

Banting Class Cruiser

Belisarius Class Tactical Cruiser

Belknap Class Strike Cruiser

Byrd Class Exploratory Cruiser

Cahuya Class Science/Survey Cruiser (Single-Vessel Class)

Caracal Class Command Cruiser

Chang Ho Class Tactical Cruiser

Cheetah Class Fast Cruiser

Cheyenne Class Exploratory Cruiser

Clausewitz Class Command Cruiser

Clemenceau Class Through-Deck Cruiser Constellation Class Cruiser

Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser (Includes Constitution, Bonhomme Richard, Achernar, Endeavor, Constitution (II), Enterprise, Tiko-pai, and Enterprise (II)-subclasses)

Coronado Class Through-Deck Cruiser

Crusader Class Patrol Cruiser

Curnow Class Tactical Cruiser

Daedelus Class Cruiser

Dahlgren Class Strike Cruiser

Danube Class Runabout

Delphis Class Exploration Cruiser (Includes Del-phis and Delphis (II)-subclasses)

Durrett-Class Light Cruiser

Einstein-Class Timeslip Cruiser

Excel-Class Strike Cruiser

Excelsior Class Heavy Cruiser

Explorer Class Reconnaissance Cruiser

Falcon Class Exploratory Cruiser

Firestone Class Battlecruiser

Galaxy Class Large Exploratory Cruiser (includes Galaxy- and Galaxy (II)-subclasses)

Gemini Class Exploratory Cruiser

Gregory Class Exploratory Cruiser

Guardian Angel Class Rapid Response Cruiser

Hatfield Class Command Cruiser

Hollingsworth Class Penetration Cruiser

Hopi Class Large Survey Vessel

Horizon Class Cruiser

Hubble Class Research Cruiser

Impervious Class Strike Cruiser

Intrepid-Class Cruiser

Irreverence-Class Heavy Cruiser

Iverson-Class Cruiser

Joshua-Class Command Cruiser

Jurassic-Class Exploratory Cruiser

Kearsarge-Class Light Cruiser

Kylin-Class Cruiser

Laffey-Class Cruiser

Lng'we Chi-Class Exploratory Cruiser

Luna-Class Exploratory Cruiser

Maguellanes-Class Escort Cruiser

Majestic-Class Heavy Cruiser

Maxwell-Class Strike Cruiser

Miranda-Class Cruiser (Includes Saratoga-sub-class)

Mitannic-Class Battlecruiser

Nebula-Class Light Cruiser

Niagara-Class Fast Cruiser

Nineveh-Class Large Exploratory Cruiser

Niven-Class Light Attack Cruiser

Nomad-Class Exploratory Cruiser

NX-Class Cruiser

Oriskany-Class Through-Deck Cruiser

Osiris-Class Command Cruiser

Palomar-Class Command Cruiser

Peacekeeper-Class Large Exploratory Cruiser

Pleiades-Class Survey Cruiser

Podesti-Class Cruiser

Poseidon-Class Cruiser

Prometheus-Class Tactical Cruiser

Qapla’-Class Heavy Cruiser

Rosenzweig-Class Attack Cruiser

Rothwell-Class Light Cruiser

Sasser-Class Cruiser

Shanks-Class Light Cruiser

S'harien-Class Battlecruiser (Prototype)

Solaris-Class Cruiser


Sovereign-Class Heavy Cruiser

Starstalker-Class Patrol Cruiser

Stringer-Class Escort Cruiser

Surak-Class Light Research Cruiser

Thruxton-Class Tactical Cruiser

Triumph-Class Research Cruiser

Valley Forge-Class Cruiser

Valor-Class Exploratory Cruiser

Wambundu-Class Light Cruiser

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